Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Coming up with new titles is getting tough, so sorry for the repetition.

Been feeling a little off lately. AF is hanging around WAY too long. I'm spoiled in that after I started BC AF went from 7 days to 2-3. The first day is usually awful, second half bad and third practically non-existent. Well, today is Day 4 and we are still dealing with this stupid thing, but just kinda half-assed. So called Dr. H's office today to make sure they weren't worried with my symptoms and Nurse Holly said no, probably just a bad ovulation cycle. So maybe it was actually a good thing we aren't pregnant. She also said if my eating has changed (hello WW!) that could have something to do with it, body chemistry changing. So I am choosing to look at this positively that my body is prepping itself for perfect timing.

Started wearing the OV watch again on Sunday and after a little soak, it worked fine. Monday, the story was not the same. Kept saying "Not Reading" and beeping on the hour meaning it wasn't getting info. So soaked some more and still nothing. Finally got annoyed with it, so tossed it in the drawer. I'm not supposed to miss 2 nights in a row, but I needed my "zzz"s and having a watch on me that beeped all night wouldn't do that. Tuesday, same story. I emailed my contact at the company and she sent out some replacement sensors for free, along with some advice. Tried the advice Tues night and nothing, so switched sensors again. Still "Not Reading"! Still wore it and hoped for the best. Now the issue might be the watch but I don't want a new one (paid $125 for this one off Ebay!), however with the new sensors, I could basically buy a new watch for the price of the sensors if this one is out of it's warranty from my "friend" who "lent" it to me. So contact at OV watch is checking. Cross those fingers...I don't want to put any more money into this process!

Also had Acu today with Debi after she was gone for 2 weeks. The thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE about her is she is honest and wants what is best for me, not her paycheck. I brought up that this is getting pricey and she agreed that we have a good start, so could go to every other week instead of every week, which brings my cost way down! Hopefully if we schedule them right around OV, we will be in good shape and still helping me. Just have to watch my stress level, because the Acu helps with that big time. Cross fingers we don't have to do this much longer! I love Acu, but would love being pregnant more!

Ok, off for a quick read then to sleep so can walk with Anna and Sierra in the morning. Must get back on track with WW to get to my 10 lb mark! Night folks!

ps: Daddy is feeling much better. It was just an allergy to a chemical he touched and wasn't aware he touched his mouth. All better and relieved it wasn't anything else!

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