Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Interesting day...

So I had an interesting day...

Didn't walk this morning, my friend bailed and I was still ready to sleep, so didn't bother me. Went to WW and blogged that before, then got ready to work at home and study. Everything is fine and about 3 pm come upstairs to log into my class which I thought started at 3:30 pm. Well it did, 3:30 pm CO time! So 2:30 AZ time! Yikes, an hour late. Course it takes forever for the computer to get up to speed. Have class, then watch the recording to get the beginning parts I missed, and some of it is missed because their system sucks like that.

Just as I am wrapping up, my Mom calls to see how my first day was. We chat for a bit and she says, "hold on Daniel is calling me" (Daniel being my Dad), but she missed the call. I hear my cell (downstairs) go off a minute later and think it is my BFF. Hang up with Mom, look at facebook, whatever. Finally wander downstairs to find dinner before WW meeting and check my phone. My Dad had called me too. So check the message and all he says is, "I'm on my way to Tucson Heart Hospital and I can't find Mom. Please tell her. I can't find her." Then he had some tears in his voice and I could tell he was upset. So immediately, I get upset. Call home, and obviously Mom had gotten a message and she had left. Called her cell and she was just getting to the hospital and would call me when she knew something. Jason came home, so I am crying and he doesn't know why. We head over there and Mom calls while we are in the car to say that it is an allergy to something. So we get there and thankfully it isn't his heart, but some kind of allergy. The right side of his lips were swollen and he said he felt like he had something stuck in his throat. So we sat for a while waiting and watching the Michael Jackson funeral on the TV, then he got up and when he came back he rolled up his sleeves and his arms are covered in a rash. So he tells the Triage nurse and she says the doc is still busy, so he goes outside to call the client where he had lunch to see if there was something in it he didn't know about. And the nurse yells at my Mom that he shouldn't be outside because they are "monitoring" him. (Mind you, I couldn't tell you what the nurse looked like because she was so far away from the attention, so there was no way they were monitoring him.). So he comes back and the doc comes finally, and they take him in. We got kicked out to come home by parents because only one person could go back with him.

Mom just called and said that it is an allergy and they are trying to slow it down so the reaction goes away. But at least it isn't his heart. Probably will have to go for allergy testing after this. Thankfully it seems to be getting figured out, but never good to hear "I'm going to the hospital."

Please pray that they figure this out! Thanks!

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