Friday, July 10, 2009

I give up...not entirely

So I am done with the OV watch for this cycle, but not due to my desire. When it says "No Data" it means that there hasn't been any data for 2 days and it can't function properly for the month anymore. That popped up yesterday! ARGH! I thought they were going to send out new sensors to make up for this issue, but seems no. They tell me to buy a new watch! Sorry, but I don't think that is worth it. Especially because Dr. H told us to BD days 10-18 and that is exactly what the watch said. So why spend another $100-$200 to wear an uncomfortable watch that gives me a rash (because of my lovely metal allergy) that gives me the same outcome as the doctor? Just hate that I already spent $125 on it! So annoying. Hopefully this will take some stress off though because that is what the watch was making me, stressed because it wasn't working right. So I think we are done with it.

Good day overall. Productive - although different than I thought I would be. Sore from my workout and got to have a dinner date with DH at Ole (Mexican food - yum!) and still have points for Sat, Sun and Mon! Now off to bed so I can have some retail therapy tomorrow! YAY!

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  1. I am not sure how the OV Watch works, but have you thought about the clear blue easy fertility monitor? I liked it..


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