Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 1?

Well it sure feels like Day 1, but I'm getting no visual confirmation at this point. So we continue to wait. I always hate these days too because even though I know I am cramping, my brain likes to confuse that with hunger pains so I eat my way through the day and don't work out! Not a great plan for the waistline! But I am still planning on going back to swimming on Sunday... I think it will feel great to be outside in the sun and the cool pool.

I'm excited for my OV watch to come. Don't know if will be able to start tracking this month because not quite sure how the watch works in its entirety. If I need to start on cycle day 1 or what. So hopefully will come soon, or hopefully AF holds off until it comes. Maybe May will be the month for "blooming."

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