Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Caffeine, No Alcohol - This isn't fun!

I understand the reason for the "No Caffeine, No Alcohol" rule DURING pregnancy, but this before stuff sucks. If I had been doing this since we started trying, the last 2 years would have been even more stressful! So I am bending the rules a little bit. I bought decaf iced tea that I can brew at home, so at least I have the taste of it, and that is about all the caffeine I drink, other than an occasional cup of coffee, but have decaf of that too. I don't drink alcohol during the week so that isn't a switch, but on the weekend I like a little bit Fri or Sat night. I've cut back on those days, and once I start taking the pills on Day 18 of my cycle, then no alcohol at ALL! That starts tomorrow, and should be interesting.

Went to a friends daughter's 5th birthday party yesterday and it was fun. Having that many children (I think I counted 12 in the house - most about 1-2 years old) is insane! Watching the birthday girl open up presents was exhausting, but fun. So I know I don't want 12 kids, but 1 or 2 could be good. We'll see what happens!

Had some pain last night in my abdomen and now I don't know what to think. That could be from the Endometriosis, or Ovulation, or bladder! Thankfully, we weren't doing anything other than hanging out at a friend's new place and watching a movie. But it still sucks that the pain may be back, especially since with the help of the Acupuncture, I had a week without any!

I guess that is all the excitement in my life today. It's Easter, and our plans consist of waking up late, having breakfast in bed and doing whatever to relax.

Happy Easter all and please remember that this day is about more than a bunny and some colored eggs!

I did remember something good that came out of the doctor's visit when he said no caffeine or alcohol for me...Jason has to clean the kitty litter! YAY!

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  1. I stopped the booze when I started shots for IVF. No fun. I just cut the caffeine after my transfer. It sucks, but if it works, it is worth it.


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