Thursday, April 16, 2009

The audacity...

So now the a**hole who will remain nameless (not DH) is claiming I hit him! He is actually harrassing me via email. Little does the pea-brain know that it's all on the building's video system and I have a copy, which has been sent to insurance. And he told me in an email that he was going to change his story. He is so busted and so screwed for life if he gives a false police report. What an idiot! Wish I was a fly on his wall when he learned that little bit of fun!

On to better things, today is our 5th anniversary. Jason got a new quad (for way cheap, only way I would buy it) and I got a beautiful heart diamond necklace (to be delivered soon). We didn't do anything crazy tonight, just watching the video of our wedding, and I did have a couple glasses of wine. But hey, I also had a horrendous week and visited the Acupuncturist today who helped a bunch! So off to bed for "fun stuff." Later!

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