Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well, a little good news

Have a little good news today...still afraid to POAS. But as day 27 of my cycle, lately today I would have spotted and I didn't. That hopefully means that the Prometrium I have been taking the last 2 weeks has been doing its job and MAYBE there is another reason, but I refuse to test until tomorrow morning. One of the good things about this drug is I have to test on Day 28, doctor's orders! If I test and I am not pg and I get AF, then I stop until about Day 18 of next cycle. If I test and I am pg, then I continue the drugs through the first trimester. While the drugs are kind of a nuisance, I am really hoping for option 2! Will hopefully have an answer tomorrow!

Thanks for your good thoughts! And I will keep you posted, but you folks might get a phone call before I put anything up here, we'll see!

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