Friday, April 10, 2009

Healing Mass - Happened in September 2008

This is an exerpt from an email I sent to a friend about my Healing Mass.

You've heard me talk about my mom and her not understanding what I am going through. The last time this happened, I sent her a email telling her never to tell me again to "stop trying." And ever since then she has changed her tune and been very supportive, she is the one taking me to my HSG because Jason can't. So she had asked me if I wanted to go to this Healing Mass with her tonight which happens at their church once a month. I said, sure it couldn't hurt. (I was raised a Catholic and when I went to college, I really stopped going to church - too many late Sat party nights and working on Sundays, well, I haven't quite made it back to church although I talk to God all the time.)
So my Dad picked me up and we went to dinner beforehand because Mass was at 7 pm. So we get there and we're sitting and my Mom meets us and Mass starts. When the first song started being sung, my eyes started to tear. The words just seemed to hit home, but I couldn't tell you now what they were. So Mass continues in the normal style that I am used to. And the Priest is saying the Homily and now tears are streaming down my face, couldn't tell you why. Then he says he did a memorial for a 20 day old baby today and I almost lost it. Then he says he lost his nephew who I think was 10 a year ago Monday and that his biological family and church family came together to heal.
Well right after that, I feel a hand on my shoulder. And I turn to my left, and this woman begins to speak. Here's what she said, "I don't speak English very well. I had a dream about you in this church last night. The only lady in red. (I was wearing a bright red shirt). You will be healed here tonight. The ladies in front of you need to surround you and pray over you and you will be healed tonight." And then she patted me and was gone. So now I am really crying and my Mom heard this. The moment she started talking I was in tears. So we go to get anointed with oil, and we are trying to see who she is because I hadn't seen her face, but I saw she was wearing grey and mom says, "maybe she was your guardian angel." So we get through Mass and I think I figure out who spoke to me, because Mom hadn't seen her either. So Mass ends and we kind of sit there for a minute not knowing what to do. (There were about 8 women wearing purple vests that were from the Healing Ministry sitting in front of us, they were the ones the lady in grey was referring to.) So she had reappeared and I made eye contact and without speaking a word, she pointed to the back corner of the church where one of the women had gone to pray over people. And I pointed at that woman in purple and she nodded. (All the ladies in purple had kind of separated so they could pray with other people). So we sat back there and figured out how to get the circle around me. Another lady in purple opened up, so I went to her and told her what our "illness" was and the story about the dream. She prayed over me for maybe 7 minutes, and then the other lady in purple who the woman in grey had pointed out came over to me - my mom had gone to her. My dad hadn't heard what the woman in grey said, so mom told him and he was amazed.
(My mom said she would talk to the woman who had been pointed to. So she went to her and asked her if she knew about the dream. She said no at first and mom said, "about the lady in red?" And the woman said "YES!" Mom said, "that's my daughter." And the woman said, "So it is her!" Then she came over to me.)
So we decide to wait around and get all the ladies in purple together for this circle at the front of the church. So we walk down to where they are finishing up and my dad starts to tell the story to one of the women, who didn't speak English. So we finally find one who speaks English and my mom tells her the story and she relays it to the women in Spanish. So they set up a chair and I sit down and they all kneel and place their hands on me and begin to pray quietly in English and in Spanish. Then I begin to feel more hands and when I open my eyes, ALL the women in purple are around me. And they pray and I hear various things, some of which I don't understand. Then, they start to sing! Semi-quietly and very beautifully and in unison! And then slowly the hands fall away and it is over. So I stand up and hug them all and the woman that the woman in grey had pointed to comes to me and says, "before Mass we all pray. And I had this feeling that someone really wanted to have a baby here tonight. And I now know it was you! So I prayed for you before I even met you." And then another woman comes up to me and says, "Terresita prayed over you and everyone she prays over gets pregnant." And then we left and Mom drove me home.
So I have literally cried through the whole Mass now which started at 7 pm and we got home about 9! I would say I don't believe it, but it was just so surreal that I can't say that. It was so perfectly put together. The woman in grey had no idea what I was there for or that I was crying because she was behind me! I knew none of these women at all! And the woman in purple didn't know my face, but she knew what I wanted!
So of course, I came home and told Jason who was skeptical, but then he saw how much this had hit me and I think he started to have faith that this could help. He is not Catholic at all and growing up he didn't and still doesn't practice organized religion, but he believes in God. It was just totally surreal and unbelievable and I had to write it down to remember it all! I don't know if I will be healed today or tomorrow or next week or in 3 years, but I feel calmer and truly like there is a higher being helping me through this.
Take what you will from this, but it was an amazing evening!

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