Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Could we be this week?

I guess I miscounted days, but it seems that AF is due on Thursday. So all last week when we were trying to BD and not quite making it (mostly due to my sore throat and Jason's exhaustion), we were a little late. Seems Thursday could be the day when we figure out if we start over or start a whole new chapter of our life! I am hoping for the latter, but also not getting my hopes up. I know people say to "believe" but that is a double edged sword. Either, I "believe" I am pregnant and I get upset when I am not (like the last almost 2 years) or I believe I am not pregnant and then have a self-fulfilling propecy on my hands. Which is right?

Currently feel fine, no pain anywhere (except for the muscles I worked yesterday) and pretty up-beat. We'll see what the week brings.

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