Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sicky Day

Today was kind of a rough one. Woke up with a really sore throat, so that meant I didn't work out because I felt crappy. Got my work done at home (I love working at home!) and then had some lunch. Was able to rest a bit (on the advice of my boss - thanks Mom!) and now am feeling a little better.

But we're still dealing with the car that got hit yesterday. It will cost the guy about $700 to fix it, plus a rental car for me because the shop will have it for 2 days! I left him a message yesterday, and he actually left a message at the office saying "have your husband call me" because apparently as a woman I know nothing about cars! How infuriating! Jason left him a message and then I did too, saying he needs to call me to discuss this not my husband - if anything, Jason will be rougher on him than me. Still hasn't called back after my message this morning! If he doesn't by 6 pm, guess I will have to call the cops and make a police report and play hard ball! What a jerk!

I'm gonna go lay back down and hope this bug goes away, too busy of a week to be sick!

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