Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back to normal...

And it now seems the car saga has ended, well, almost. Insurance has paid for everything, not mine, nimrod's. The only thing left to do is take the truck back to the shop because they painted the bumper shiny black, not flat black like it should have been. Would I have noticed this without my car-savvy husband? Hell no, but that is what he does. So body shop will be fixing that little blunder. But the drama of it all is over. Which I think is good for my stress level and in that effect, my fertility issues.

It always seems to be this week that I don't feel good (by this week I mean OV week) with either a cold (right now my throat is a little sore) or pain in my abdomen. Thankfully haven't had much pain in my abdomen lately. But this week I have had a sore throat, a cold sore and been extremely tired so I haven't worked out much and my belly-button ring is a little infected, I'm so attractive to my hubby I am sure! We'll see what happens come the end of the month. I just looked back at FF and in the past I have OV about day 18 which would have been Monday. That would have been alright seeing as we BD'd on Sun I think. Sad that I can't remember! Just becomes so habit forming!

Now the 2WW wait starts. Still taking the Progesterone and can't stop until I get a negative pregnancy test, even if I am sure AF has shown up. Have to take a test.

Had my 3rd Acupuncture treatment on Thursday evening - our 5th anniversary! I was born on my parent's 5th anniversary, about August last year Mom was really thinking that is why I hadn't gotten pregnant yet, no such luck. Maybe we'll find out around our 5th anniverary. That would be nice. Anyway, back to Acupuncture. It was nice as usual. I love my Acupuncturist. She listens to everything I say and is very careful of my cycle and gives me good advice. Anyone who needs help with anything, I strongly recommend Acupuncture. Thursday evening was one of the first times this week I was less stressed. Jason got a quad for our anniversary and I got a heart necklace with a diamond in it. We picked out our own, just works better that way.

I think we are gonna go out for a nice dinner and then just come home and relax. I took a nap today after Ethan's 3rd birthday party, and it was lovely. Got to see all my "nieces and nephews" and my good friends. I love getting dragged around by little ones - Ryann is one of my favorites. And I LOVE watching Jason interact with them, gives great insight to how he will be as a dad. Just hope that happens soon!

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