Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazy Week

Let's just say it has been an insane week! After my car got hit on Monday, dealing with the guy was a nightmare. First he would only tal to my husband, because apparently as a woman I don't know how to deal with these things. And if that couldn't infuriate me, then he wouldn't call me back at all! Wednesday, when I finally tracked him down - went down to his office and got his card and dropped off the estimate - I emailed him very nicely and professionally, only to be told I was "getting pushy" to which I reminded him that he hit me and he needed to take responsibility for it. At that point, the insurance people were called and they have handled it ever since!

Plus being a little sick and the OV week, it has just been insane. I haven't felt terribly well so that doesn't bode well for working out or BDing. So very tired this week! I have been taking the pills the Acupuncturist gave me and they taste AWFUL! Also, taking the pills from the doc and that is interesting. Don't know if they are helping or not, guess we'll find out about the end of the month.

Decided to forgo the gym next month because at $75 a month it isn't cheap, and we'll be gone a good portion of the month so I would only get to go about 7 times, so not worth it. I will work out at home with my Chalene Extreme and try to get back on track there.

Thankfully, going back to the Acupuncturist today so hopefully she can help with picking up some of the pieces and fixing the problems that have come up this week.

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