Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OV watch

I had seen this I think sometime last year and in my naivete I thought we wouldn't need it and it was too pricey! If only I had bought it then, we might not be in the predicament we are now, and probably a lot cheaper then all the other stuff we have done. So after a lot of research on pricing, I found it on Ebay and I bought it.

The OV watch is something you wear every night and it tells you when you are fertile, up to 6 days before ovulation. The pee sticks only do it a day or 2 before and they don't seem to work right for me. I'm excited to get this and see if we can't get this done without a doctor doing most of the work!

I stopped taking pills yesterday after my BFN, still no AF. Emailed the doc's office, but he is out of town until Monday, so if no AF by then, will call them and see what to do. What's 6 days in the span of 2 years right?

I'm excited for my watch to come, hopefully before AF and before we go to DC in a week and a half! I cannot wait for vacation! Just have to make it to then!

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