Monday, April 13, 2009

Why are Monday's always so rough?

As I hurl my Lean Cuisine into my mouth, I take a minute to reflect on my ... shall we say, intense morning. Besides the regular Monday morning blues of working out and work, right outside my office, I had a guy back into my SUV! He went to scan his card and for whatever reason going in reverse was better than going forward, I happened to be waiting behind him to enter the garage, and bam! he hit me with some pretty good force. I honked at him about 2 seconds before he crashed into me. When he got out, he looked surprised to see me and actually said, "My car usually beeps when something is behind me." I replied back, "Maybe looking is better next time!" So got his info and he will just pay to fix the damage out-of-pocket. That really didn't stop the shaking, or the fact that I had to call my mechanic husband and relay the news to him. I was probably more nervous about telling him than anyone else. Not that he would be mad at me, I didn't do squat wrong, but he is so protective of our vehicles and notices, EVERY ding! So called him when I got upstairs and left him VM, he called back about 5 minutes later and I was in an impromptu office meeting so didnt' answer the phone. You could tell he was concerned because he called about 8 times! Finally was able to call him back and relay that I was fine, but the car needed some help. Texted him the picture - if I knew how to send it here I would. And then the rest of the morning, still getting over my nerves, and racing through my stack to do for the day! Plus I am getting a cold sore - I hate these things, they usually mean I am getting sick or stressed, and my abdomen hurts - so back to wondering if I am Ovulating or just the Endo rearing it's ugly head. Acupuncutre can't come quickly enough this week!

Alright, lunch is gone so time to work again!

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