Thursday, April 23, 2009


All day I was analyzing my body. Am I in pain? Am I getting AF? What is happening?

Finally about 2, emailed my doc and told him the situation (tested this morning, it came back negative, put no AF). He said to take the pill for another 4 days, which puts me at Monday, then re-test, then if negative, stop the pill and get AF and start again next month. So now I am visualizing a baby in my tummy and hoping for the best.

Who knew this process was so tricky? And since I am on cycle day 28, things will be out of whack, but whatever works right? At least we still have a shot. No wine tonight though!

Had acupuncture tonight. I love my acupuncturist, Debi! She is so attentive and calming, and Lord knows I need that. She gives me my positiveness that I need. Hopefully it all works the way we want it to!

Fingers crossed, positive thoughts!

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