Friday, April 10, 2009

The Beginning...kind of...

Oh where to begin and how long would that take me?

We started TTC about July 2007. However I don't know if you can call it starting to try then...AF was late and I had a false positive test. So since we couldn't get an answer that we were happy with from the doc, we stopped BC and figured it was God's way of saying "it is time to get started." So we putzed along merrily hoping it would happen on its own. No luck in that respect. So we started going to doctors, being poked and having blood drawn. At one point, I had EIGHT vials of blood drawn and I joked with the nurse that they were going to create a baby that way!! I told that to Jason relating to his ONE test that he had to take and he said, "The reason you need more testing is because you are the factory and I am just the delivery truck." So very true and funny!

So the next step was getting help. My OB put me on Clomid and we really tried for six months, to the point that we got annoyed when it was "time" to BD. One of us was always tired or hurting just when the right time came it seemed. In September I went to a Healing Mass at my parents' church - never been to one but figured it was worth a shot, and it was a great experience. I will post it as my next entry because it was amazing. We were supposed to go to the RE in November, right after my 29th birthday, but decided to postpone it because money was tight with the economy doing crazy things, and we just weren't in a place where we wanted to follow new rules. So we took November, December, January, February and March off. Went to the RE in late March when they put me on Progesterone and said I may have Endometirosis - what fun does that sound like?!?! The following day, AF came and things went haywire! I was in more pain than I have ever had before and thought I was doomed to need surgery to remove the Endo, at a price of about 3 weeks out of commission and $6,000 out of pocket for a surgery for an illness that might not even be there. Didn't sound very fun to me! So I did a little homework and asked my RE about Acupuncture Therapy and if it could help either. He exclaimed "YES!" and I do mean EXCLAIMED! He loved the idea. So off to the Acupuncturist I went last Thursday. Very odd experience, someone sticking you with lots of little needles in important places. But I was giddy when I walked out and the whole next week I didn't have much pain in my abdomen which was new! So now I am a believer for Acupuncture. Had another appointment yesterday and it was wonderful. Hopefully it does its' job and we get prego soon!

That brings everyone who is reading this up to speed. I'm off to find dinner and do some laundry! Happy Weekend!

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