Friday, May 1, 2009

Successes and Worries....

Can I say that I slept INSANELY well last night? Could have been the acupuncture, could have been the long-lost alcoholic beverages, or could have been the heating pad and castor oil soothing the pain away. Nevertheless, I slept wonderfully last night.

So AF showed up yesterday and there was some pain, but nothing like last month! YAY! That means the acupuncture and herbs are working - and probably the positive thinking too that they will work. I had acupuncture last night after work and told Debi about my revelation of thinking that the baby's soul is already within me, we are just waiting for her heart and body to join us. She liked that a lot. She also told me that if you make a castor oil pack (pour castor oil on some soft fabric, put it on your belly, and cover with saran wrap) your cramps will go away, your body will cleanse more and endo may go away quicker. I took the advice and minus the randomness of the little mess, it worked wonders! So the plan is to do that everytime!

On a sad note, Chrysler declared bankruptcy yesterday. Jason doesn't work directly for Chrysler but his employer is part of Chrysler, so this is kind of a big deal. My plan is to watch our expenses and keep an eye out for jobs for him, just in case. His is to worry when parts are hard to come by....which could be a little late. I know he is a hard worker and he will find whatever he can to get by, but this is a little scary. Maybe now isn't the time to try and get pregnant....why is this so hard in more ways than one? I have also heard there is never a good time to get pregnant!

So pray for us and remember to count your blessings!

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