Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back from vacation, no more MIA!

So I know I have been MIA for almost a week and a half now, but we were on vacation in DC! It was a lot of fun, but very tiring. Every day we saw at least 4 monuments or museums, if not 5 or 6. We found a hop-on-hop-off bus and that was very helpful with getting around and giving our feet-sies a rest. We walked everywhere or took the metro (subway)! I had planned to wear my pedometer on Sun (we got there Sat, May 9) and Mon, but forgot. I think these were our 2 biggest walking days because we were fresh. I did wear it Tuesday and Wednesday and both days we walked 17,500 some odd steps! So imagine Sun and Mon when we walked more, I would guess around 20,000+! No worries about working out at least.

I will try to remember what we saw...Eastern Market (Farmers Market outside), Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Castle, Washington Monument, WWII Veterans Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Lincoln's Memorial, Smithsonian American History Museum(they had the original Star-Spangled Banner on display - so moving!), Bureau of Printing and Engraving (money making!), Ford Theater (where Pres Lincoln was shot) and Petersen House (where Lincoln died), National Archives (Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence on display), toured the Capitol and saw Senator McCain's office, White House (we had a tour - very hard to come by, but McCain's office came through), Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Arlington National Cemetery (JFK's grave and eternal flame, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and changing of the guard, Arlington House and my "adopted grandfather's" grave), Supreme Court House and room where they hold sessions (did you know there is a basketball court above the Supreme Court House?!), Newseum (museum about journalism and events associated with including 9/11 attacks and Pulizer Prize winning photos), International Spy Museum, Mount Vernon (where Pres. Washington lived) and visited with my Uncle Leo and Aunt Shawna. I know that sounds like a lot, but I think I forgot a couple things! Now you see why our feet hurt!

Tried to BD while we were gone, but for a lot of it we were so very tired. We did, but we also drank so I don't know that getting pregnant this month would be good anyway. I won't be upset if we do(!), but also might be relieved if we aren't. Plus, just spent a chunk on the OV watch and want to actually get to use it! Have to wait for Day 1 to do that though!

Now we are home and even though we are back on Tucson time, around 8 pm we look at each other and want to go to bed! Been so tired all this week. Going back to work is hard to do!

As for Jason and Chrysler, thus far his job and dealership are safe. They seem to be the most lucrative in the city, so he should be safe. But keep those fingers crossed that they stay busy!


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