Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome to Day 8...

OV watch showed up yesterday and it is just as it said it would be. But need to start on cycle day 1, 2 or 3, and since obviously this is day 8, it will have to wait until June. Now that isn't a bad thing. We are leaving on vacation on Sat, so being super conscious of ovulation on vacation probably wouldn't have been that fun. But glad it is here and when we get back and if AF shows up, then will start it then. This month seems to be going so fast!

Things are a bit crazy at Jason's work. Chrysler has now gone bankrupt and while he doesn't work directly for Chrysler, he works for the brand of Chrysler via Jim Click. Added some stress to his life and that is never good. So this vacation comes at a very opportune time. And I found out Tuesday, that I got tickets to the White House! Very exciting!

Mom and Dad left on Tuesday to go to North Carolina and will meet us in DC on the 14th. We will have plenty of time to ourselves and will get to see plenty of sights. I started an itinerary for us mainly for hotel and flight info, and now with all the tours McCain's office booked and friends and family we are seeing, we will be super busy! But it will be fun stuff and things we can duck out of if we don't feel like it! I am so excited to go, just not very excited to pack. I hate packing. I always pack well and then the morning I leave I throw in about 12 things I don't need and all of the sudden I have a bunch of crap I don't want to lug everywhere!

I need to go finish my book for class so I can start studying. Probably won't post until we get back. Have fun!

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