Saturday, May 30, 2009

Few changes & happy day!

I haven't written for a while, sorry, just nothing new. This week has been a little crazy in that it was just an odd week, and I joined Weight Watchers. Yes, I admit it, I did. I've always struggled with my weight and at various times asked for help from trainers, nutritionists, websites, friends, etc. But it always goes back to workouts and I can do those until I am blue in the face. No one is every there to help me eat, because it is my hand putting food in my mouth. All the docs say, "drop 10 lbs and that may do it." So I joined. The meeting is on Tuesday afternoons at 4:30 pm, so I have to start work a little earlier so I can be done at 4 pm. But I have the opportunity to go in the morning and weigh and back to the meeting at night. The first weigh in was unacceptable, something I haven't been since high school - I was overweight in HS, not like my skinny mini friends. Anyway, I feel good about this decision. This week has been a little rough because I have eaten out nearly every day, which never happens. I loaded up on veggies and fruit and Lean Cuisines at the grocery store on Thursday, and I am ready to face the week. Tonight we are having fish tacos, which looked really yummy while I was prepping them. I've gone over on points every day, so I am thankful for the "bonus" points, but today I haven't so far! I know I can do this, I just need to stick to it. (I asked at WW if I got pregnant, would they let me stop without charges and the answer was yes. It would be my luck to get down 10-15-20 lbs, and then get pregnant! Wouldn't mind it, but obviously not the best scenario! Why lose it, only to gain it back ON PURPOSE?)

Haven't been able to work out the last week due to having back issues. So tomorrow, swimming again, then Monday back to the gym! I feel good about this!

I did have something happy happen on Friday. We (Mom and I) were helping one of our elderly client couples move into assisted living all day. We moved the little stuff and packed up while the band (4 guys - 3 younger, 1 older) moved the heavy furniture. Anyway, after we are all done and the movers are on their way out. One of them (younger guy, maybe 25) went to shake my hand, made an obvious look at my wedding ring finger and said, "I know you are married, but you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Your husband is a lucky man and you should tell him so!" How sweet and random is that. Then he just walked away. Mind you, I am sweaty, tired and wearing shorts (I hate my legs). It made my day and gave me some saunter back in my step. Now just to keep that going! Jason got a little jealous, but that isn't always a bad thing. Nice to be appreciated, especially when you aren't expecting it! That should happen more often!!

Then today, we (some of my best girls) and I threw a surprise baby shower for another best girl. She was surprised and it was very nice to just sit and catch up over snacks, without a lot else going on. Always fun to see them and successfully pull off a surprise party!

More news as it comes!

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