Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vacation is only 3 days away

The living room has been painted and put back together - that was done Sunday and it looks awesome! We should have done it so long ago.

We are on Day 6 and no sign of the OV watch, it is coming from an Air Force Base in Germany! So probably won't even see it until we get back from vacation. We leave Sat morning at the earliest crack of dawn to fly to Dallas then on to DC. So excited. Jason is worried about the flight because he isn't a good flier, but I am thinking about getting there and not having to work for 9 days! Rock on!

Going for a walk with Anna today. She is a friend I met on Sparkpeople.com and also trying to get pregnant. Will be nice to have someone here to go through this with. I have a couple long-distance infertility buddies, but having someone here will be awesome!

Now to find some lunch and go study for the afternoon!

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