Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9/29/09 - Cycle Day #24 - IUI Cycle #2 - Nausea?

(To be posted at a later date)

Last week was a blazer! Racked with stress, so much that I wasn't really even thinking about pregnancy, just making it out alive. And I did, thankfully.

Been having a little nausea lately. Now when I say little, I mean very little. Kind of a small wave here or there that gets my attention, and then is gone. However, this morning while eating my eggs, turkey sausage, cheese and salsa breakfast, with pears and lowfat milk, I literally had to stop chewing and contemplate running to the bathroom. It could have been the eggs just not agreeing with me, but that never happens. I had to stop, breathe and then a few minutes later I could continue. Odd, and I am trying not to get my hopes up, but maybe this is it.

Also plaguing me right now are bug bites. I went to a yard sale on Sat and was there for about 5 hours, outside, and I must have been bitten by every critter there was! I have 13 bug bites on my right leg, and 3 on my left. And talk about itching! OMG, it is ridiculous!

Back on eating right this week. I was not liking how I was feeling last week, but eating everything fried seemed to be my calling! So am back to normal now. Kim was super sweet at the yard sale and is always so supportive telling me I look great. Funny thing was is I had this dress in high school that I adored...it was a jean corset vest with this flowered, silky, flowy long skirt. At one point, I had outgrown it and gave it to Kim. Well there it was at the yard sale on Sat! So she gave it back to me and when I got home I tried it on and it fit! I need help getting the zipper up in the back because apparently I was bendier in high school, but it fit! Now just to see if it is actually in style! Also picked up some maternity jeans for free and wasn't sure they would fit because they were a Small, but they did and so comfy! I want to wear them now, because they were so comfortable and not low riding and no-muffin top!

Back to work now!

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