Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cycle Day #1 - IUI Cycle #2 - And the hits just keep on comin'

So obviously the first round didn't work and we have decided to try again. I'm kind of keeping this under wraps so I may blog, but not publish it until after the fact. I felt like we told too many people - well, I told too many people, and I may have jinxed us. Don't get me wrong, I love all the LOVE but telling everyone was really hard, especially when I saw people I had told.

I went to swim this morning and on my way home from breakfast with Dad, I stopped at Walgreens to pick up the prescription I need to start on Day 3 of my cycle. Mind you, this morning AF hadn't shown up yet. I was trying to be ahead of the game. So after waiting in the drive thru for at least 15 minutes, the driver in front of me pulled away and it was my turn. I pulled up and gave the pharmacist my name. She comes back to tell me that the prescription I need requires pre-authorization from the insurance company. I call my Dr.'s office (because he said they would be open all weekend) and left a message regarding the situation. But still couldn't get the prescription. So came home a little pissed off, figuring we would be fine because AF hadn't yet arrived. Silly me!

AF showed up this afternoon and now the situation is kind of dire because Tuesday puts us on the day that I have to take my drug, plus I need pre-authorization from Aetna. So after AF showed up, I called the Dr.'s office to get his pager number or answering service's number to see where to go from here. Left a message with the answering service, and a couple minutes later the doctor called back. We discussed the situation and he agreed it was a problem. He said that it would take a bit to get pre-authorized, so I should get on the phone to Aetna first thing on Tuesday and today shop around to see the cheapest place just in case the drug didn't get pre-authorized by Aetna as it is for infertility and breast cancer (random combo I know!). Thus far Basha's wins! But still waiting on Costco and Target, as their pharmacies are closed. So I went on the sly and called Aetna's pharmacy number that I have and pretended I was a pharmacist for about 2 minutes and got information about pre-authorization. He told me that if the Dr.'s office called on Tuesday, it would happen a lot quicker than if they faxed in the form. So as soon as I call Costco and Target tomorrow, will call the Dr.'s office with instructions on what I learned. This just can't be easy can it?!

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  1. I felt the same way with IVF. I was glad to tell people while we were doing it, but when I got the results, I kinda wanted just us to know. We had a positive result and I felt I needed to protect it. It must have been hard with people asking after a non-successful result.

    Good luck this round.


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