Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cycle Day #10 - IUI Cycle #2 - Long time catch-up

Nothing really important to note, just wanted to say "hi" and I am still here. No new news, after all we aren't revealing when appointments and things are this month to anyone except those that MUST know (i.e. bosses, and even they don't know specifics).

I did go weigh in at WW this morning and while I wasn't down to my lowest, I was down to where I was before two weeks ago's debacle that ensued eating whatever I could! So that is happy. Had a fun shopping trip with a friend over the weekend and was easily fitting into size 10 stuff, so that is great. Plus I just felt really nice! Came home last night wearing one of my new outfits that DH hadn't seen yet (after visiting a friend in it - she loved it) and I said I felt skinny and DH said, "I think you always are skinny." He knows what to say to make me happy! Great guy! Alright, off to find lunch. Later folks!

Oh, let me say that we watched the VMA's on Sunday and I was so very annoyed at Kanye West for stealing Taylor Swift's moment. Not only did he steal something from her that she can never get back (although Beyonce tried and that was awesome) but he stole it from a 17-year old who doesn't have experience on how to deal with an ass-hole like that! What a jerk. The world doesn't revolve around him and he needs to figure that out damn quick before he pisses the wrong someone off and ends up dead. I guess he did something like this to the Dixie Chicks at another event...what is so wrong with Country music? The fact that they aren't cussing every other word and talking about bangin' girls, makes it pretty good music to me. Kanye needs a reality check! OY! Alright, vent over! Later!

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