Thursday, September 17, 2009

9/17/09 - Cycle Day #12 - IUI Cycle #2 - U/S day

So I won't be publishing this at least until this cycle is over but that doesn't mean I don't want to document it!

Today was ultrasound day. Let me start at the beginning. Walked with my friend Anna this morning and that was nice. Got home about 6:30 am so had time to do some quick things on the computer and calling East Coast about stuff before the day got too crazy. Showered, breakfast and DH and I left the house at 8:15 to get to the Dr.'s office by 8:35 am. Dr. walked in right behind us (so at least he was on time this time!). I told the secretary about the free drugs from Costco and she thought that was great. Then we get called in, undress waist-down, etc. Dr. comes in a few minutes later and we begin the u/s. Dr. says he will be out of town this weekend but has a back-up who will do the procedure and is very good. So we are covered if IUI is this weekend. Cutie that DH is, he says, "this time I know what I am looking at!" So we begin to look. Uteran lining is good and thick apparently. Get up to follicules on the left and there's 2 that I see that are quite large. So Dr. says that looks good and measures, and measures, and measures. Then he says, "well, this is a higher risk for twins because there are two follicules that are ready." TWINS?! TWINS!?

Now I have always secretly wanted twins (growing up) because I have always wanted 2 kids and this would mean we are done in one fell swoop, but I never thought it was actually a possibility. DH however has never expressed that opinion. He told me he would be in Mexico if that happened!

So he goes to the other side and says there is one smaller follicle but that could also produce good eggs so we won't count it out. So have 3 follicles that may produce eggs! So he finishes and says everything looks good and Saturday is the day we will do the IUI, so the other Dr. will do it. I ask him what our percentage of possibility is this month because it is second time around and he says maybe 18% as opposed to last month's 15% because we are young. Then he says the twins isn't 100%, just a slim possibility. But now DH says, "You said the T-word! Well, two are better than none!" I know it makes him nervous but maybe this is meant to be because if we had this much trouble the first time, the second time could only be worse. So we'll just have to see. I told the Dr. about the free bee drugs from Costco and he was blown away. I also asked if next month (if we do this again) if he could prescribe 3 months worth so the coupon I have can supply the next 3 months and save us $375. He said that would be fine! He was amazed at what the pharmacy did for us! He said we should BD tonight but not tomorrow.

So Dr. leaves and shakes both hands. I get dressed and we head out to get the the trigger shot script and pay. I tell DH to leave because the Dr.'s office is fussing a little bit about stuff, and he has to get to work. (By the way, we are super on time now!) He leaves and I hang around for the script and to pay. Schedule Sat. IUI for 10:15 am with the other Dr. and DH has to be there with sample in hand at 9:45 am. A little better this time, because we can both go together and just hang out until it is time for my procedure. Plus, we can come home and I can literally lay in bed all day and not feel guilty! Also just scheduled Acu with Debi for tomorrow at 9:30 am because Sat won't work. Except, I have to do my trigger shot at 12:15 tonight! So I get to go BD, go to sleep, then wake up to give myself a shot, then go back to sleep! Here we go again!

UPDATE: I had Pei Wei (Chinese) for lunch today because we never go because DH doesn't like it. So they gave us extra fortune cookies and the girls at work didn't want them, so I brought 2 (out of a total of 5 given) home. My fortune at work wasn't anything exciting. Anyway, got home and told DH to pick one and read his fortune. So he opens it and says, "what the hell?" I said, "oh, they put a word on it and show you how to say it in Chinese, flip it for the fortune." Then he flipped it and showed me the was "daughter." Chills, yes! Good omen, I hope so! Love you guys!

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