Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cycle Day #26 - IUI Cycle #1 - A little worried

So today wasn't too bad. No real symptoms, except tiredness and irritability, but those could be from stress too. I'm just worried that Friday will be disappointing and we will have to start over. I am hoping God has a happy surprise for me, but worried as well. I called Dr.H's office yesterday because wasn't quite sure when to test and the definite answer is Friday and if it is negative, then I stop my drugs. So it is Friday or we start over. I'm worried we may be starting over, but hoping Friday will be the happiest day for a long time. If you are expecting me to call/text/email you and you don't hear from me by noon, consider it bad news and I am curled up in bed probably drinking! If it works out then I will probably go spastic! Either way, I am still worried and scared of what is to come. Bed sounds like a good thing now. Later folks!

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