Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cycle Day #29 - IUI Cycle #1 - Waiting for AF, the snake and the Baby Shower

So now we know and it sucks. Yesterday was the worst day yet. There have been times when I cried over a negative pregnancy test, but yesterday was on and off crying - sobbing really, uncontrollably. I was doing laundry at one point and just started screaming "WHY? What have we done to deserve this?!" It was a hard day. DH came home and we literally fell into each others arms and just held. I was crying, he wasn't, but one of us has to be the rock. I knew he was upset but he handles it differently than me. He had picked up dinner (never even faltered when I asked) so we ate, but I don't think I tasted a bite. I was trying to fill the void with food and alcohol and we all know that doesn't work. But that was my answer last night, get drunk. We will just try again. (I called the Dr. to see if there was anything more I could do - i.e. don't drink decaf coffee, iced tea, Stevia, workout as hard, etc. - but he said no, we were doing everything perfectly. )

So right as we get ready to watch America's Sweethearts which is a really funny movie and I figured would get us out of our funk....DH walks out to the garage and there is a BABY RATTLESNAKE (8" long, no rattle and pissed) sitting on the doormat leading into the house! He stammered something and shut the door. I asked what was going on and he told me and I jumped onto the counter - mind you the snake is in the garage and I was in the kitchen with a door between us, but I still jumped onto the counter! He thought he could get it, so he went to the yard and got the shovel and then when he came back it was gone, but the garage door was still shut. We called the fire department and were told they don't come get snakes, only if someone has been bitten. Gave us a name of a guy to call and they charged $150 just to come to the house, not including any looking or moving stuff. DH decided he could do it so he opened the garage door, then went out the front door to get to the garage and got his riding boots (big, tall, thick boots for protection) and started searching for the snake in the garage! I was posted at the door (in case he came in and my instructions were to scream - well duh, that would surely happen) and the animals were locked up either outside or in the bathroom. (This started at 8:30 pm). DH moved every single thing in the garage, then hosed it all down, looking to get the snake out wherever he was. 2 hours later (10:30 pm), no snake and a very messy garage! But we think he is gone, now just hope that his family isn't somewhere around the house! DH will redo the garage tomorrow, but I still watch with hawk eyes when I walk thru.

So today...had a baby shower for one of my best friend's (I call her my sister - Ninny) with her sister (another sister - Kim) and bunches of other good friends, all who know about what happened yesterday. I had told them all not to "look at me with sad eyes" today or else I would cry. On the way over there I was already getting teary eyed, and trying to breathe deep to calm myself down. Finally got there and walked in, dropped my present off (homemade blanket) and found the pregnant one (Ninny). Now she has a cute habit of rubbing her VERY pregnant belly on mine with the thought of getting my uterus to wake up and making me laugh, most days it works great. Today, not so much. She hugged me, belly rubbed me and said,"Well, we almost had it" and I lost it! Then she realized what she said, and was immediately sorry. She had the best intentions at heart I know! So the next person I hugged was the father (Dick) of a very good friend of mine (Katie) and he asked what was wrong (because now I am crying) and I said, "it's been a bad week." So he just held me and let me cry a bit. I got make-up on his shirt, but he was perfect and handled a crying "daughter" like a champ. So then the next person I hug is Kim and she just keeps saying, "never give up, we will never give up." and I got her crying. I was just the downer of the party! Finally, I stepped away and went to the bathroom to calm down a bit. I thought I was going to have to leave. Came out and I was better, then saw Mama Ledford and she gave me a good, long hug and told me not to worry and that made me go again. So much for nice make-up. Finally got it all out it seemed, and then I could be okay. Couple other hugs here and there and finally no tears. No one else brought it up again either! Everyone was being really great too, telling me how beautiful I looked and how my hair always looks nice, trying to cheer me up. There is nothing better than great friends!

After that, the party was great. Had a couple mimosas! Ate way too much! And just got to be with friends and get hugs from kiddos (Ryann is my favorite). Ninny loved her blanket and I really liked doing it for a little girl, instead of a little boy! Now to start the next! The card I found was really cute - it was like an invoice sticker for a new car, but it was for a baby. Had things like "rear filter needs to be changed often" and "MPG before naps is 5, after naps is 15". Very cute, especially coming from us. Except it was for a baby boy, and they are having a girl, so I had to "girl-it-up" a bit with girly stickers and stuff. Very cute, but I couldn't resist it!

Was one of the last to leave the party with a couple little plants Ninny had for people with "Faith" on the pots. That is SOOOOOOOOOOO what we need right now! And the of course, what is sitting outside under Ninny's hubby's truck - a big SNAKE! Thankfully, it wasn't a Rattler! But Dad Ledford crawls under the truck and grabs it behind the head and pulls it out and is holding it and letting it crawl around on his hands. EWWWWWW!!! I despise snakes! I will never let any child have a snake voluntarily in this house and thankfully, DH thinks the same way! Anyway, so came home and here I am. Thinking a nap is in my future til DH comes home from work and then off to dinner with Mom and Dad for her birthday. But gonna go lay down for a bit. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a relax-and-watch-movies-all-day-day! After swimming of course!

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