Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cycle Day #5 - IUI Cycle #2 - So tired!

First let me say that these drugs don't affect me as much as the Clomid did, but they still make me incredibly tired. I was supposed to walk with a friend this morning and I must have sent her a telepathic message that I was too tired, because she never came (we got our wires crossed and her new phone doesn't like to deliver text messages apparently!). Anyway, Sierra and I stood outside for about 3 minutes before I called her and understood. Walked Sierra for about 10 minutes, then headed back to the house and crawled back into bed and actually slept! I am one of those people that if I get up and speak, I won't be able to go back to bed. So the fact that I got up, got dressed, spoke and even checked email and was still able to go back to bed should tell you something! Only got about another hour of sleep, but it was needed. Even considered going into work late because I was so exhausted, but I had a client at 11 am and I couldn't miss him. So here I am!

But I am leaving at 3:30 pm to go to Acu and then home to maybe take a nap. I'm gonna bail on the HOA meeting tonight I think. We'll see if I get a nap, then maybe I will go at 6 pm. That is all here. No other news except that I only have 2 more days of pills and I am glad for that! Later folks!

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