Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Cycles

Okay, so while I am not posting many of the things that are happening now (don't worry, they are saved in Drafts and will publish at a later date) I still am posting some thoughts. So I was thinking of this one on the way home today.

Currently, my life revolves around my cycle. And here is how it goes:
Week 1 - AF comes, pain for a couple days, disappointment, get over it (for the most part)
Week 2 - not much happening, probably eating better because I ate badly the week before
Week 3 - a little pain in my stomach (which I have come to know as ovulating) and BDing as much as we can, plus other events with Dr's help
Week 4 - waiting and testing, disappointment again, and we start over.

This has been my life for 2 years...well, not quite. It first started out just trying and no luck, so then I was told I had some cysts. Then I had a lot of pain in Week 2 and 4, so it was a week of pain (AF), about 2 weeks off, a week of pain (OV), about 2 weeks off, a week of pain (AF), repeat. It was lots of fun. Add in BDing when I was in sheer pain, and you have a great month! ;)

Then we added in the Clomid and the OV pain was a bit more, but AF pain was about the same. Then we thought I might have Endo because the AF pain was getting worse again. Then we added in the Acu and the OV pain was almost nonexistent, and AF pain was far less. So we thought the Endo was/is gone. And now, we have the different fertility drugs and the IUI (last month wasn't a lot of pain except for IUI day when I basically just had cramps all day from the speculum).

What I also find interesting about this process is how little know about themselves and their cycles and what it all means. I have never learned more about my cycle, and I know my friends and family have never learned more about my cycle, and possibly their own. I don't know if I just didn't listen in sex ed, or if this stuff wasn't taught, but I don't remember learning about when to make a baby. But it is truly amazing what people don't know about their own body and how it is affected by various factors.

So that was my thought process on the way home.

Small tidbit I will share because I don't think it reveals anything but good/fun stuff...I had Pei Wei (Chinese) for lunch today because we never go because DH doesn't like it. So they gave us extra fortune cookies and the girls at work didn't want them, so I brought 2 (out of a total of 5 given) home. My fortune at work wasn't anything exciting. Anyway, got home and told DH to pick one and read his fortune. So he opens it and says, "what the hell?" I said, "oh, they put a word on it and show you how to say it in Chinese, flip it for the fortune." Then he flipped it and showed me the was "daughter." Chills, yes! Good omen, I hope so! Love you guys!


  1. Aww - that is a good story at the end! Glad you called last night :-)

  2. Hang in there. IF is not for the faint of heart. Do you have any idea how many IUIs you are willing to do before trying something else?

    I say this hoping one of the IUIs is it for you.


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