Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/22/09 - Cycle Day #17 - IUI #2 - The wait begins

(To be published at a later date)

So we had the IUI on Saturday (9/19). We had BD'd 9/17 after the U/S, and were at the doc's office at 9:45 am on the dot with DH's sample. Gave the sample to the doc and they started doing whatever they do to it. So pretty soon, another gentleman walks in with his paper bag and hands it to the doc. And then a woman walks in after wards with him, so I figure they are having the same procedure we are. A couple minutes later, 2 Mexican guys walk in. They are covered in paint and are obviously construction workers of some type. Now in an infertility clinic, this is an odd sight. So one of them tells the nurse that his wife has an appointment and she tells him to sit. The two men then proceed to talk loudly about crap that isn't very respectful of the place that they are. Who brings a friend to his wife's appointment at a fertility clinic?! Very odd!

Meanwhile, our appointment was supposed to be at 10:15 am and it has now become almost 10:30 am so I am anxious because we are late and I took my drug at midnight :15 Wednesday night, so IUI was supposed to be at 10:15 am on the dot, or so I thought. Finally, we get called back and go thru the whole procedure. No excitement or surprises. Everything seems to go fine, and then we wait on the table for about 20 minutes. Buzzer goes off, and we pay and come home.

I had rented some DVDs, because my intention was to not do anything all day long and lay flat, to give the embryo as much help as possible to lay claim to my uterus. So I watched The Women and He's Just Not That Into You. I think I even took a nap and read my new book, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. I got addicted to this book! Very lazy day and that was nice for once. I hope it works this month!

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