Friday, October 2, 2009

10/2/2009 - Cycle Day #27 - IUI Cycle #2 - Smells?

So thankfully, this week has been far less stressful than last week. Lots of work to do, just not as much drama! Love that! A couple weird things and then it's back to work.

1. Smells - the last couple days I seem to have a heightened sense of smell. For instance, Wednesday morning and this morning at the gym, I was on the second level of the gym on the treadmill, when they started to brew coffee on the first level and I feel like I smelt it the instant he poured the coffee into the pot to brew. So strong like someone was holding it in front of my nose! Then, later this morning, one of the trainers was eating 3 hard boiled eggs (for about 2 seconds) in front of me and there was a cup of cold coffee sitting there and the smells combined and I almost puked! It was so strong! Then, I fed the dogs this morning and while getting their DRY food out of the bin in the garage, I had to suck in my breath because it felt so strong. Then, on Tuesday while I was downstairs having lunch I started noticing this really odd smell. And I looked around and Blazer (our youngest dog) was licking the new-ish rug. Now I am not sure that constitutes a smell, but I smelt something and when he stopped it went away. It was definitely an industrial smell, not food or body odor. Very odd! None of these things have affected me before, but the last couple days, they have been. I know that this is a sign of pregnancy, and while I am hoping it is the one I want, I'm not banking on it yet. But REALLY REALLY hoping!

2. Nausea - still have a bit. Nothing drastic, just a couple twinges here and there. None as bad as Tuesday (the coffee and eggs was close), but still sometimes just feel eh.

3. Radiating differently? Wednesday, at the gym, one of the trainers who I talk to quite often distinctly came over to me while I was doing the ab roller. I asked if he was going to correct me and he said no, just came to harass. He asked if everything was alright and I said yes. He said I just was acting different or looked different, but he couldn't place what. I couldn't help him because I felt completely the same. I wasn't mad, I wasn't overly happy, I was just working out at the gym. Could he be sensing a change in my body? Let's hope so.

I think that is all for now. Just very different things lately. Hmm...tomorrow is the big day. Hopefully it is really good news!

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