Friday, October 16, 2009

Some sweet things

So for all the times I bitch about my husband, he definitely has good times that I keep to myself. Well here are a couple I want to share.
- He cleaned up the front yard last night and plans to clean up the back yard tonight so that the house will be pretty for my jewelry party tomorrow. Plus he plans on helping me tidy up the house.
- He took my car to work today so he could make sure it is running great, and had the detail guy at work clean it for me so it smells nice (sadly, all that time at the gym and the gym clothes in the car make it kind of stinky sometimes).
- He appreciated that I went to Super Target last night and got him new shoes (that took forever because when I got to the line I realized the box said 11 but the shoes said 10 1/2, and getting them brought to me in the right size took FOREVER). I could have done it faster in my know when the guy behind you says, "I'll go get the shoes" that it is taking a long time.
- He won't go camping with his buddies this weekend because I am "ovulating". Hearing him actually say that word was hysterical, especially telling his buddy and his buddy's girlfriend. At least they understood why he was so adamant about not going and didn't feel like it wasn't cause he didn't like them!
- Then, he told me this story last night: Yesterday, we both left for work about the same time, except I stopped at the gas station by our house to fill up. He said that as he was stopped at the light he looked over at the gas station, and in his words, "saw the hottest girl with the best bootie!" He looked again, and then realized it was me! So I could take this that he scopes out other girls, or that he saw me and before he realized it was me, thought I was hot. I go for #2!
- Lastly, he told me that he doesn't want me losing any more weight because he likes me just the way I am and he likes my boobs the way they are. So maybe he isn't poetic, but his point comes across loud and clear!

I'm a very lucky lady and most days I feel that way. There are others where I wonder what planet he dropped off of, but 90% of the time he is great. But 100% of the time I love him and his craziness!

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