Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Decision Time

So I was able to talk to Dr. H today about where we go from here. He had some great insight and was very patient in answering all of my questions.

Q1: How can we up our chances this month? Injectibles? Drugs/supplements/vitamins for DH? Drugs/supplements/vitamins for me?

A1: Injectibles would take chances from about 15% to as high as 25%, but add about $600 to cost of cycle and higher risk of twins, as well as introducing the risk of triplets. As far as drugs or supplements for either of us, he just said eating vegetables and exercising is the important thing. He called in the prescription for the Femara. And we need to figure out if we are doing the injectibles by tomorrow, so they can do an ultrasound before we start them and show me how to do them because the injectibles would start on day 6!

Q2: How much should we do the IUI before deeming it doesn't work? What is the average amount of times that patients do IUI before success?

A2: 2-3 times with each given method. So if we just did the fertility drugs for another round, then after that we could switch it up and add injectibles and try for another 3 times. But if it hasn't worked after 3 times per method, we need to change something or do IVF.

Q3: Should I get a flu shot or H1N1 shot?

A3: My Acu said NO! My RE said absolutely because I am 6x more likely to die if I get pregnant and have the flu or HIN1. (I have never had a flu shot in my life...is this the time to start?!)

Q4: What about the symptoms I was having last week, nausea and increased sense of smell?

A4: It could have been an early biochemical pregnancy which wouldn't show up on a pee stick because it wasn't stable enough to stick around.

Q5: If we take November and December off, no drugs AT ALL will that hurt us?

A5: No, it would be good to relax a bit and wouldn't affect any further procedures. Might even get pregnant on our own.

Q6: What effects do stress have on IUI? How to relieve?

A6: Stress is always bad. RE said that acu and exercising are good ways to relieve it, while Acu said deep belly breathing will help me. She gave me homework to do it 6 times a day!

Q7: What do you tell patients to think during this process?

A7: Acu said to think about preparing my body for a baby, whenever he/she decides to join us. RE said to be cautiously optimistic - whatever that means!

Q8: Should we do more testing on DH or me since my last was when we first started this and DH was a while ago?

A8: No, on both counts. RE said he tests DH's sample every time we do an IUI and if they saw significant changes, they would tell us and we would consult about it then. As for me, it isn't necessary until we decided to move onto IVF.

Q9: Should I continue with the Acu?

A9: Yes! He said he would gladly talk to my Acu about Chinese herbs that we could do in Nov & Dec if the transfer didn't work in October.

Q10: Should we look into the possible Endo again? Laproscopy?

A10: Not at this time because I am not having symptoms and it wouldn't increase our chances of pregnancy now.

Q11: What about surrogacy for us? How does that work?

A11: RE thinks my uterus works just fine so he would say at this point we shouldn't do this. Basically it would be IVF on our surrogate, instead of me.

So, where do we go from here? I need to talk to DH and see what he thinks. I'm thinking we go with the injectibles because it ups our chances, without killing us at the bank like IVF would and then if it doesn't work, we know we have given it all we have this year and then I think take a break in November and December. With the holidays and my 30th birthday party, it just seems to make sense. Will have to have a big discussion with DH tonight so we can determine if we are going in for u/s on Friday. RE did say that if we decide not to do the injectibles, he didn't feel he needed to see us for an ultrasound on Day 12 because my cycles are so precise and at this point they could just guess. So need to see what DH says. Who knew getting pregnant could be so involved, or so expensive?! I thought babies were expensive, not MAKING them!

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