Saturday, October 17, 2009

10/17/2009 - Cycle Day #13 - IUI Cycle #3

So today was the jewelry party and it was a blast. Just nice to hang with the girls and have some girlyness! Lots of food, conversation and trying on gorgeous jewelry. I finally got my ring that I had been pining for since the party in June or July and it is some kind of prettiness! Plus, I saw a necklace that Cori had that I loved but wouldn't buy, mentioned it and she just gave it to me! I now have a huge list as far as ordering goes, but I figured it out, I will get about $800 worth of Jewelry for $190! That is insane! That is with all my orders from my girls and my freebees, rock on!

Kinda let it slip that tomorrow is IUI day at the party. Michele (who I swim with) had asked if I would be at swimming tomorrow and I said no. She asked why and I said I had a doc's appt, well all the girls looked at me and said "On a Sunday?!" I replied, "yeah, doc comes when body says to." They got it, so it isn't much of a secret this month. Won't post this until after the fact, but some people know.

Tomorrow bright and early - and I mean early - we need to be there, sample in hand at 8:15 am! On a Sunday, for DH, that is early. I am usually up and gone by 7:15 am for swimming, but he usually sleeps in until I get home about 11 am, after breakfast with Dad, showering and swimming. IUI is at 8:45 am, and then the 2 ww begins. Hope your fingers are crossed, even though you don't know it is happening. Alright, need to go watch the rest of the U of A and Stanford game, then head to dinner with DH, Will and his dad.

Oh wait, cutest thing at the party - well 2 -
1. We each had to read this paper that was in our little bag of jewelry to try on and show off, and I helped Ryann (who is 5) read hers. I would read 4-5 words, and she would repeat it after me. She did so good and it was so cute!

2. At the end of the party, I had taken off my shoes (Jessica Simpson heeled - high - sandals) and I walked away to clean up. Talia was still there with her 2 kids and MIL Connie. Her daughter, Ava (age 3) slips her tiny feet in my heels and attempts to walk around. I came over and held her hands so she wouldn't break an ankle, but she was in heaven! It was so cute! A diva in the making for sure!

Alright, peace out!

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