Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cycle Day #28 - IUI Cycle #2 - Test day

And the answer remains to be no. This cycle didn't work either. I remain not pregnant.

I know that I don't believe the pee sticks sometimes, and tomorrow I will probably do it again just to be sure, but they have been right thus far so what is to say they aren't anymore?

This is getting ridiculous. I mean really...come on. Just let it work. I'm drinking my whole milk, despite WW! I'm not drinking my tea or my stevia. I'm not drinking any alcohol after I start my drugs, so only cycle days 1 and 2, if that. I'm mostly eating right. I'm working out. I'm on the drugs the doc gives me and makes me inject myself with. What else can we do? I will call the doc on Monday and tell them, and I was considering going over there for a blood test. Which will discuss with Jason.

But now need to talk to the doc about what we can do to up our chances of getting pregnant. This cycle of death is very tiring and depressing. I don't know what is wrong with me that I cannot get pregnant! DAMN IT!

We're supposed to go look at a place to have my birthday party today and I am thinking I will now have a drink there to "try them out" and because apparently it is safe. But I am always worried I will mess something up too. Why is this so damn difficult?!


  1. Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry and I love you! I'll talk to you in the next day or two...

  2. Thanks ladies. Will update the blog about our next steps after I talk to the doc today or tomorrow.


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