Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10/13/09 - Cycle Day #8 - IUI Cycle #3

(To be posted at a later date)

I know I've been absent lately, but nothing really to report. Got to have lunch when Seana was in town and that was great. Being able to connect with someone going through the same thing and really understand is important. It was also nice to catch up after 14 years of losing touch.

The next ultrasound is on Friday and Jason should be able to go, but if he can't, then we will deal. He doesn't want to tell his boss why but his boss keeps asking for doctor's notes. His boss tends to have a big mouth, so if he tells him, he tells EVERYONE! I just told him to tell his boss that he needs to go to the doc with me and it is personal. That explains why there is no doctor's notes and the time away from work. I love Jason's dedication to this process. He has faith even when I lose mine and vice versa.

I assume the IUI will be on Sunday just because that seems to be our system the last 2 times and I don't think it can be earlier, say Saturday, because of how far ahead I have to take the drugs. Jason has to work Sat so Sunday would be great. I can go swim, come home, grab him and we go do this, then take it easy the rest of the day and no one is the wiser except Dad because we can't go to breakfast. And Mom because he will tell her. But that is okay.

I think I finally figured out why I am not super motivated to go back to WW full time right now. It is because I am pretty happy with how I look and feel. I like my waist and my curves, and I don't want to lose them entirely. Meeting with my trainer tomorrow so will discuss things with him. He always helps me see the upside. But that means I need to get to bed...so night all!

Oh - very excited about my 30th birthday party! Can't wait to see all the people I love and just have a good time! Plus Michelle is in town and Kirstin too! YAY! All in good time.

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