Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh soreness...

So I worked out with Andrew (my trainer) yesterday, which I do once a month, and then I do whatever routine he gives me for the next 4 weeks and then we workout again and change it up. Anyway, usually he changes one or two exercises and leaves the rest alone. He must have been a little cranky yesterday, or just wanted to whip me into shape because he changed 2/3rds of my routine! And boy am I feeling the effect of it today. I did things I never thought I could and I love him for that. He makes it interesting and he has more faith in me than I do! Which is why I go to him and his gym! Everything arms, my abs, my obliques, my butt! All of it!

Did Turbo Jam this morning with Anna and am hoping that will calm some of the soreness down, because I have to do it all again on Friday!!!

But then comes the jewelry party and that should be loads of fun...can't wait for Saturday!

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