Sunday, October 18, 2009

10/18/09 - Cycle Day #14 - IUI Cycle #3

So today was the day. Well, let me start with last night. Wildcats beat Stanford in a nail biter of a game, and it came down to the last 30 seconds, literally! But they did it and it rocked! Afterwards, we went out to dinner with Will and his parents at Old Chicago. It was very nice but very late for this old girl - finished dinner about 9:30 pm! YIKES! Yummy italian nachos tho! Had to BD just for safety and then off to bed, early morning today.

No swimming today, had to be at the doc's at 8:15 am. So up about 7:15, checked email, got dressed and started waking DH up - let me tell you, it can be a process. Plus he had "work" to do. Finally got him up and I headed downstairs to wait. Pretty soon, ready to go. Got there, no worries, I even thought (because we were running late) that if we got pulled over for speeding, I would tell him to follow us to the doc's office and ticket us there. But we didn't! :)

Got everything squared away - I had taken the office staff some cookies (Snickerdoodles) that I made for the jewelry party. Figured it couldn't hurt to have good juju, right? They were appreciated. Waited, and waited, and waited. Finally called back to our room, changed and more waiting. Doc finally comes in, thanks us for the cookies, and we begin. No nurse for whatever reason, so after showing us the vial with our names on it and our stuff in it, and asking us if we wanted to keep it (EWW, once again), we begin. However, he preps the catheter that is used to do the procedure, and hands it to DH to hold, so DH actually had a "hand" in it all. Anyway, nurse finally comes in and takes the thing back from DH and begins. Usually it is just a little pressure, but today was some serious cramping, maybe not SERIOUS, but moderately serious. And it seemed to take a long time, longer than usual. So I am choosing to take that as a good thing. Doc said everything went great, and there could be spotting, but thus far nada. So he leaves, and we wait, knees up, for about 10 minutes, then the timer (kitchen timer) goes off, I get dressed and we leave. Asked Doc on the way out when to start Prometrium, and he said Tuesday so will do.

Stopped at Starbucks in Basha's on our way home and got a iced green tea latte, decaf - well I think it was, but the box on the cup wasn't checked, but I didn't get a buzz from it either. I sure hope it was! Had a minor discussion with the barista about pregnancy because I was rubbing my belly and had asked about decaf. She asked, I said no, we just got inseminated and she said that she did that for an aunt, offered her eggs that is. Anyway, got my drink and wandered to the bakery for a croissant, but ended up with the other guy's 2 sugar donuts. Oh well. Came home, laid down for a while and watched "White Chicks." Finally, up for a bit to pay bills and do grown-up stuff, then make some lunch and surprise, surprise, it was healthy (turkey sandwich, fruit and carrots). I impressed even myself. Spent the next couple hours on the couch watching shows from the week that we had taped but had no time to watch, making sure to keep my uterus elevated.

Finally, made some dinner and relaxed some more. Now off to watch Desperate Housewives. Have Acu after the gym tomorrow, before work, to hopefully help with the whole thing. And then we pray.

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