Tuesday, June 30, 2009

YAY for week 5!

Alright, weighed in this morning after my walk and am down another .8 lbs, for a grand total of 9.4 lbs! Only .6 lbs to 10 total! Rock on! Passed my 5%! YAY!

Then headed to the doc's for my annual (gyn was earlier in the month, this is my general practictioner) and got a clean bill of health from her. Just to keep trying for baby and keep working out and losing weight! I was down from their records last year, but only by about 1.5 lbs, so that tells you I was gaining this year instead of losing! That has turned around now!

No real other excitement. Walk this morning was good. Didn't take Sierra because DH was worried about her limp, but she isn't anymore. So maybe will walk again on Thurs. Pedi with a friend and her daughter (3) on Fri, daughter's first pedi...will be fun! Then prep for the party. Will be a small affair this year, oh well...works for me! Off to study now but wanted to make sure I blogged about weightloss since this week I didn't think there would be any, but there was! YAY ME!

Oh, on a weird note...I have been having random dreams (never dream) the last 5 nights. And I have painted my nails 5 times...trying to be cute, but they end up coming out like crap. Hopefully what I did now will stay. Very indecisive lately. ODD!

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