Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Talked to the doc...

I had called the doc on Monday with some questions about 1) the drug I am on and whether or not we continue with it, 2) where we go next and 3) Jason's testing. He is very nice and never rushes me.

Answers were,
1)stay on the drug (Prometrium) for a couple more months and keep working at it because we are young/viral/yada yada
2)next step would be artificial insemination or IVF (neither which I vote for) or surgery for the Endometrosis, to which I told him the acupuncture seemed to be helping immensley (at the very least, with the pain) and he was happy. Also told him that one of his staff had told me we would need to come back in this month because if the treatment wasn't working, why continue - he said he didn't agree with that
3) yes, Jason needs to be tested again, since his last one was 2 years ago. Apparently, "that" changes a lot quicker than the chemistry of my body. He won't be happy to hear that, but will be happy I think that we are progressing and it will be at our doc's office, cheaper and tell us more. I think it is senseless to keep trying, if we find out his body has changed and created a different reason. So, that is our next step I think.

Alright, back to the books!

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