Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week 2 = Successful

So walked with a friend this morning at 6 am and Sierra (our eldest pup) and then went to WW to weigh in. Lost another 2.2 lbs! YAY! I admit I cheated a bit. My first weigh in and last week's were in the evening, and we all know you weigh more in the evening than in the morning. I thought I had lost a little bit (I got on the scale at home and it showed a loss of .6 lbs - which I had been on last week Tuesday morning - it is one of those that remembers!) but WW says I lost more! I won't argue. But now I really have to go Tuesday mornings after my walk so that I know I lost, instead of in the afternoon. But still...I lost! YAY me! Now to do it again! 5.6 lbs down total! ROCK ON!

Walk this morning was so nice. Brisk, but because it is so much cooler in the am, it was wonderful. Wore the HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) with new batteries and I think it is a little off. Says I burned 528 cal walking in 53 minutes, which seems a bit high. Need to investigate!

Back to work now!


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