Monday, June 29, 2009

Interesting couple of days

So it was an interesting weekend to say the least...

Saturday: ran Sierra (eldest pup) to the vet to weigh her (they had put her on a diet - like Mama like Pup) and she is down 4 lbs! Good girl! Also wanted them to look at her right front paw as she has been limping - poor baby! Seems okay, just need to watch her and make sure it isn't Valley Fever (HEAVEN FORBID!). Then dropped her at home, and went to Dream Dinners with Mom (you choose from their menu and they prep (read buy and cut) the food, then you go in and prepare your dinners using their recipies, then take them home and freeze until you are ready to use them!) Love it and I can even tell DH to cook some nights! Home again to put them in the freezer and then waste some time until we left for dinner with friends, so I worked on my pet project to get speedhumps in our neighborhood - have to get 60% of the affected neighbors to agree, no easy task. So I was writing letters to out-of-state owners pleading for them to sign petitions. We'll see if it works! Then, went to Fuddruckers to meet friends and have yummy food (I had saved up Points and looked up values online, so I splurged and had a turkey burger, fries, cheese sauce and a shake - well, half a shake, I was full!) After dinner we hit Golf n' Stuff for mini-golf, something we all agreed we hadn't done since high school but it was fun, even though I racked up the most points (read: lost!). And got eaten alive by mosquitos! Killin' me today! Home fairly early and relaxing while DH prepped the quad to go out with his buddy the next day.

Sunday: up by 6:45 am to head to the pool to swim laps with my dad, my team and my coach. Then off to breakfast with Dad as is tradition now-a-days. After breakfast, Dad left and I met up with Mom at the Farmer's Market to look at produce. Found tamales and Green Chile Stew, and jerky for DH. YUMMY! Then headed to Ulta to waste time and look at make-up, where they ended up doing my make-up and of course I found lots of goodies (BIG SALE!). Finally home to relax - painted my nails (twice and will probably do it again tonight, just don't like how they came out. I was experimenting with colors for french, and it's not my best work) and watched Lucky You (Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana - great romantic comedy). That's when the phone rang...(dun, dun, DUUNNN!)it was Mom and it was business that I shouldn't discuss, but let's just say what she said was a shocker and upset me. I'll leave it at that. DH came home around 4 pm, red as a lobster! He had neglected to put sunscreen on thinking that he would be okay under the shade and his helmet (and you ask how long he has lived in AZ?). Well he paid for it last night and today. I'm sure he was sore when he got up this morning, poor guy!

Now today: Up at 5:45 am (as hard as it was!) and off to el gym. Actually called a friend on the way to the gym (she was leaving for 2 week adventure in Europe - lucky girl - and wanted to wish her well and catch up a bit since we can't for two weeks - don't know what I will do without her! We had a nice chat and right about now she should be over the Atlantic on her way to Paris, then onto Prague!! I asked to go in her suitcase, but even with my weighloss I wouldn't have fit!) Anyway, tried to work off some of my anger from the phone call last night...not at Mom, but the situation she had presented to me. Done (and I mean DONE - so tired from the weights and lunges - have I said I HATE lunges? I do!) and off to the showers and to get dressed (found a zit, which doesn't happen to my face and could be a pregancy symptom, but won't know until Fri), then into the office. I had to will myself to put a smile on my face for the ladies (in light of the situation at hand) and managed to get through the day but it was a long one. Had a headache since about 1:30 pm and am so ready for dinner of Fish Tacos!

So, now you are caught up and I am done rambling. Keep us in your prayers all week please...Fri is the big day! Then July 4th party on Sat, so we will either be celebrating with no alcohol for me or commisserating with lots of alcohol for me! I vote for the first one! Happy week all!

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