Thursday, June 18, 2009

OV day #2

So the watch has been working, for the most part. Still needs it 90-minute bath every night to get it to read, but I am thankful it is working and telling me I am ovulating or whatever. I thought I was over my allergy to metals that aren't true gold, but the OV watch shows me I am not. This morning, I noticed a small rash on my wrist where the one piece of metal rubs. Oh well, body doesn't change that much after all.

We have tried to BD every-other night and then I talked to a friend who persuaded me to talk to our doc who said try for every night to every other night! YOWZA! That is a lot of BDing! I think our last night is tonight, but will see tomorrow...but one more for the road! Then I start my pills again and we wait 2 weeks for the results. If it doesn't happen this month, we move to next month and hope that DH's motility ups.

BTW...DH hasn't had a beer since Tuesday...I realize that is only 2 days, but he has had a beer at least every evening since we have been together (7 years) with the exception of a week or two while we lived in CO to see how it would change his weight (he lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks - talk about diet! No fair!). I'm very proud of him and glad he came to this decision all on his own. Means a lot to me. Hopefully my losing weight will help my side of the equation. (Also, I know I didn't lose on Tues at WW, but I weighed Wed morning just to see if things were crazy and the scale was down 3 lbs! So maybe Tuesday was a fluke! I had emailed my trainer, and my BFF to ask for their advice, and it was the keep doing the same thing I am.) Most of all, I feel better. I have been wearing new clothes all week and I feel great in them! YAY me!

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