Monday, June 15, 2009

Fertile Day #3 - and report from the doc

So the watch still says "Fertile Day" and we aren't messing around anymore, we are doing our darndest to make sure that we are covered! Won't go into detail, but we are!

DH had another SA on Friday (his last one was almost 2 years ago and apparently the boys change their tune sooner than my body does). So off he went to the doc for the test - so much easier than all of mine. Results were due back in 3-4 days.

Low and behold, the results came back today. Despite the less than stellar news, I finally feel a little better because we know of a problem! DH's motility is 43% and is supposed to be 50% or above. That could be related to his work chemicals, or a variety of other things. He couldn't tell me everything. I will call the doc's office tomorrow for the doc's version so I can see where we go from here. Not the best news, but doesn't mean we won't keep trying. And maybe this is God's way of telling us we need REAL help now.

Cross the fingers that maybe this cycle will be the one because at least we have the OVing down to a science! But now have this new hurdle to leap! And at least now I know that not being able to get pregnant isn't only riding on my shoulders, that it is both of our bodies probably! Not that that is a good thing, but helps me feel like less of a failure as a woman. Also maybe gets him a little bit more into understanding the situation at hand, instead of just be a bystander and when I say "time to go" he jumps!

Pray for us!

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