Saturday, June 13, 2009

Game on...

Alright, woke up this morning and the OV watch said "Fertile Day 1" which means, we are in the thick of where we need to be AND the watch seems to be doing it's job! we go!

Went to some friends' house last night to see an old friend of J's who was in town and that was fun. Drank some wine (bad Niki!) and ate some pizza so the scale was too high for me this morning! But now the drinking is done as it seems OV has begun. Need to read up on what the book says about when to BD now that we are in this phase of the cycle. I think it is every other day. Going out with more old friends tonight for a LATE dinner (9 pm, really people?!), but no wine this time.

Worked out this morning with my trainer, updating my workout and making it harder for the next month to get more results. Didn't work out like I usually do because we were experimenting with new things to do. But still got 30 mins of cardio in so that is good. Thinking about a nap since we went to bed late last night and tonight will be another late one, with an early tomorrow for my weekly swim.

Time to rock-n-roll...


  1. Game on is right. Unless your DH has any "swimmer" issues that should not restrict things.

  2. How I wish you hadn't said that! Turns out he today's blog!


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