Monday, June 15, 2009

FD #3 - Update

So got home and talked with DH about the results of his SA, compared them to the last one and realized that a year ago (I thought it was 2, but it was only 1) he stopped drinking caffeine (which could help with motility) and he was having health issues in December (after last test). Anyway, the last test his motility was 80, and now it is 43. Will ask the doc tomorrow if there could be a tie to that.

Also, I had found some articles online and scoured my infertility books at home for any information about motility. So I was reading him sentences and paragraphs here and there so he understood what the diagnosis meant.

Some Factoids:
1) Sperm takes up to 3 months to develop (so what was he doing 3 months ago?)
2) Alcohol and hot tubbing can affect motility specifically
3) Motility is how the sperm move and caffeine can actually help that

Anyway, he stopped drinking caffeine after all the dr. visits because they told him it was bad for his head, but stopped cold turkey, not just backed off. The dr. told him to cut down on alcohol and he didn't. As soon as I read him the one about alcohol, he said, "well, maybe if I stop drinking beer altogether, this will fix itself." And he promptly went out to the garage and got something that wasn't a beer! If that doesn't say he wants a kid, I don't know what does!

I feel like some progress has been made today! YAY!

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