Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doctor's Orders

Talked to the RE this morning about Jason's test results. Questions and Answers were as follows:

Q: Last test motility was 80, now it is 43, what could have caused that?
A: Don't know, so many factors. Advice is to cut down on alcohol and hot tubbing (10 mins if hot tub is 100 degrees), stress if possible. Add in exercise, a walk in the evenings would help lower stress and increase testosterone. (I had read that caffeine helps motility and doc said yes, but hinders other things, so don't load up.)

Q: Are there any meds/herbs/vitamins that would help fix this? Acupuncture?
A: There are, but we don't recommend them and acupuncture is good for women fertility issues, but not male.

Q: Should we test again soon?
A: In 1-2-3 months. If it doesn't improve, talk to a urologist.

Q: What is the next step?
A: Repeat the SA, or IUI and fertility drugs for me, or Urologist for J.

Q: How often should we BD during OV?
A: Every day to every other day. Studies have shown that don't need day in between to "rest" and more BD means more babies, especially with patients who have low motility.

So, the verdict is....we wait. We alter his eating/drinking/exercise and we wait for a few more cycles to see how this all pans out, then decide.


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