Monday, June 8, 2009

OB and OV Watch

Where to begin?

Let's go with the watch. So started wearing the watch last Tuesday (Day 1) like I was supposed to. Worked just fine Tuesday and Wednesday (there is a way to test if it is testing and it was). Thursday, it told me "Not Reading" before I went to bed. Tried all the things in the manual, and still nada! Wore it anyway, hoping it would work during the night. Tested it again in the morning, still "not reading." Now the book says, don't go for 2 days with that because then basically you are SOL. So called the Customer Service line for advice. Val, at OV watch, was very helpful. Gave me some things to do that weren't in the book. Promised to send me a new, free sensor if this one didn't work and I had to go to the next one (Sensors are about $35 each and last for a full month, so trashing one after 5 days is not okay!) Tried them that evening and voila, we are up and running again. Saturday, we went to a party at some friends' house and got home late, completely forgot to put the watch on! DANG IT! Sunday, put the watch on at 10 pm and tested it, you guessed it..."Not Reading"! Tried everything again, except the fix from Val because it took 90 mins and I was not staying up until 11:30 for the dang watch. Finally switched sensors, just in case. Wore it anyway, hoping for the best. Even the new one said "Not Reading." Now I think we're sunk, but not giving in yet.

(OOPS - sidenote...I bought the thing on Ebay and the girl who sold it to me was great. After I called customer service they said they couldn't back up the sensors because I wasn't the original buyer. I told Val a "friend" had given me the watch, then hurridly emailed my Ebay seller to request her help. She was great and called Val and backed up my story, so they switched the address on the watch so will send new, free sensors if one bugs out! YAY for great Ebayers!)

Back to the story, had left a message for Val on Friday after I heard back from my Ebayer and OV watch was closed. Val called this morning on cell and left a VM with her email address. I do so much better on email! So emailed her the situation as of late and got more input. She put the new sensor in the mail, overnighted, and when I got home from work this evening, I did the 90 min trick and seems the watch is now working. So still have the other sensor and need to send it back once the new one comes in. Wearing the watch now and crossing fingers, toes and eyes that it does what it says it does. (FYI...the OV watch is backed by the American Pregnancy Association as a better tester for fertility than pee sticks and all the other devices out there. Apparently, something in your skin changes when OV is close and gives you more notice than the pee sticks! After months of thinking about it, I finally bought one. Looking back, probably should have done it a year ago and we wouldn't be in the predicament we are today!) Anyway....

OB appt today. Nothing special, just the annual check-up. Of course, my doc (love her!) knows the whole story (she was the one that started me on Clomid initially and had to deal with all the questions and crying!). So she could see we had been to the RE she recommended, and wanted to hear what the progress (or lack there of) was. Good conversation, some questions. Eased my mind on some things (i.e. miscarriage). She thinks I am healthy and happy that the acupuncture seems to be helping with the Endo. Also wanted the name of the Acupuncutrist (Debi) for references. Debi will be happy about that. Also discussed WW with doc because she had suggested it, oh a year ago, just to lose 10 lbs and up the estrogen. And seeing the success I had the first week, now wants to join. Hopefully, weigh in tomorrow will be good again! Although the scale at doc's scared me because it was only down .6 lbs and I have been working out like a crazy woman this week.

Hoping to visit the new baby that was born over the weekend on my way home, but no avail...big day for him (I am guessing the "cut" day). So knowing I needed to schedule DH for his test at RE, stopped there because it was on my way home and could pick up the supplies. Scheduled him and was told to BD tonight, then not for 3 days. Hopefully watch doesn't "alarm" me before the 3 days are up, but I think we will be okay.

Hit the grocery store, called DMV on the way home (DH realized his plates were past due and we hadn't gotten anything in the mail) and then came home and made dinner. Talk about a busy day. And need to be up tomorrow by 5:45 to walk with a friend and Sierra (our eldest pup). So now to be soothed to sleep by the rain (artificial from the radio). Night all!

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