Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's about time....TMI alert! You have been warned!

Okay, without any further delay, AF has finally made her debut...hopefully her FINAL debut!  Last night after an altogether crazy birthday, baby shower, afternoon with Mama K and Rhe Rhe, and finally some dinner and relaxing...J and I headed for bed about 9 pm...yes, Saturday night, we were heading to bed about 9 pm.  Cramps had started slightly creeping and upon further "checking" AF had arrived.  The cramps were no where near what they usually are, so I was a bit worried that I was just spotting.  But sleeping last night was difficult thanks to the onslaught of pain my abdomen was receiving.  And thus, my fears went away and the realization set in that AF had arrived and therefore...we are on our way. 

I had gone for a mani-pedi with Meanie Christinie Friday after work, so I would be ready for the events of Saturday and Meanie Christinie was I think possibly more annoyed than I was that AF was so late.  We would be talking about something else and she would just say, "where the heck is AF?  That's retarded that she is this late."  I had told J on Saturday night that I was still late and he asked "how late?"  I held up 6 fingers.  He then asked what was the latest I have ever been?  I reminded him of early in our little journey when I skipped an entire month. 

I have felt all week very bloated and fat.  I know that part of that is due to all the eating in Vegas and lack of working out, but I also think that part of it was due to AF holding out and being late.  I think that all that excess "stuff" was gathering and holding back until AF was ready to show her "face."  This morning, I am glad to say that I feel thinner and at least more normal. Again, I feel pretty...I haven't the last few days.  I'm glad to be me again!

So here's what I am thinking...God and Mother Nature got together and decided to give me a week of break from AF knowing I would be traveling, and I need to be ON.  And Mother Nature agreed with God under the terms that agreement that I could have a week off, that AF would be worse than ever before.  More cramps, more flow (sorry, I warned you), more headaches, and more hormones.  I'm choosing to think that the Mother Nature was saving the "best" for last...the "best" being the actual worst.  And hopefully, this is the last one for a long time...10 months to be exact.  So, that's what I am focusing on today in my pain...that this is the last AF I'll have for a L-O-N-G time. 

I had emailed Holly H. on Friday asking what to do if AF came on Sunday. I already knew that if AF arrived on Saturday, I started BC on Sunday.  But I didn't know if AF came on Sunday, if that meant I would start BC on Sunday or Monday.  Holly H. confirmed that the ONLY time I wouldn't start BC on Sunday, was if AF was a no-show.  Thus, AF showed up essentially half-way between Saturday and Sunday, so I took my first BC pill this morning. 

I haven't seen BC pills since July 2007.  Almost 5 years.  That's ridiculous to me.  It took me a long time to take that little pill.  It wasn't a matter of choking it down, it was a matter of getting to that next step.  I pushed it out of the wrapper and just held it.  Just held it in the palm of my hand.  And took a lot of deep breaths.  

Then I said, "Here goes nothing..."  

J was in the living room and said, "what are you doing?" 

I told him I was taking my first BC pill.  He said, "Oh!"  Then he kind of laughed.  He said, "It's so weird to me that when we start this, you have to take a BC pill.  Isn't that like the exact opposite of what we are going for?"  

I laughed and agreed.  But as I understand it, we need to get to a base that all the other drugs don't do things they shouldn't be doing.  First step taken, next step tomorrow, with 2nd pill tomorrow.  

Here goes nothing...


  1. So glad she finally showed... and good luck in this next step in your journey..

  2. Yay! Good luck hun--I so hope this cycle ends the right way :)


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