Monday, May 30, 2011

First step complete, second step knocking...

I took my last birth control pill this morning.  Yup, last one.  Will still continue to take prenatals and folic acid, but the birth control pills are complete.  That means, we go to the doc for our "injection class" TOMORROW!  Yes, Tuesday.  And then back to Dr. H on Wednesday, for the official start of IVF with blood work and ultrasounds and prescriptions.  We're here!  We are knocking at the door.

So, in preparation for those two appointments I've been baking.  I think I told you of my plan to take goodies with me to Dr. H's office every time I go for Holly H. and the staff.  The point isn't necessarily to make them like me, but more so to make them REMEMBER me.  So when they get test results and they have a huge pile, they call me first.  So the embyologist checks our eggs FIRST!  So when I call, they don't say, "Nikus who?" like they have the past few times. 

J went camping yesterday, so this morning I was a bump on a log and stayed in bed for a long, luxuriously long time before heading down to the kitchen for some serious baking. 
On the left we have Orangies (Paula Deen calls them Orange Brownies, but they don't have any chocolate in them so we call them Orangies.  They have the consistency of brownies, but again, no chocolate.  Very tasty!) and on the right we have Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (my favorite cake that Mom makes for my birthday if I ask REALLY nicely!)  Do you notice there is a square missing out of each one?  Well....I had to taste them to make sure they were okay...I traded a few ingredients for the healthier version, and it would do me no good to take goodies that tasted horrible!  (Traded egg beaters for eggs, and wheat flour for white, and low fat cream cheese for real cream cheese. STILL GOOD!)

So now we're ready until we get back and have another appointment.  Hopefully will be able to whip something up Monday night for the Tuesday am appointment next week!  I can't believe it is totally feels like Sunday!

A little drama in the house today and while it could have gone totally South with J, it didn't.  He backed me up and showed that he is in this for the long haul.  And nobody, NOBODY, gets to rule with an iron fist in June.  June is all about what we need and what works for us.  I couldn't be on this journey with anyone better.  I was ready for saga, but he agreed with me whole-heartedly.  I won't get into details because that's a little personal, even for me, but we're okay.  That's all that matters.  

And we're ready to tackle IVF...together.

**A final note about Memorial Day....please don't let this be the only day that you thank our troops for protecting our freedoms.  Every time you see a soldier, extend your hand or pull them into a hug and say "Thank you."  It is because of them offering up their lives to defend our country, that we have the country we do.  Thank you to all who have ever served, serve now, or will serve in the future.  Your country is proud, appreciative and loves what you do very much!**


  1. Excellent idea about the bribes, I mean, baking! Best of luck.

  2. Today was a big day! I hope you are feeling well and that you get some rest. Thinking of you....

  3. Yum those look delish! Best of luck with the IVF cycle!


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